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About us

We are the imagineers.
In our Ottawa-based design studio we bring to life, through creative visuals, effective campaigns for local, regional and national level governments in Canada. Clients come to us because we’re experts at transforming complex issues into simple, powerful visual messages. Working closely with marketing, communication and public relations experts, we create visuals that achieve the set marketing goals, motivate your target audience, and distinguish your brand identity.
We do all of this with creativity, a strong commitment to collaboration, an appreciation for multilingualism and a healthy dose of humour.

Our Services

Our creative approach starts with listening.
We work with clients as members of their creative team and we can join the team at any point in the planning cycle
either to help you conceptualize your project or to execute a preconceived plan.


At glsdezign we take the position that the requirement for creativity is as strong in writing as in every other aspect of communication. Our content writing services include: Creative Writing, Ad and PR Copy, Press Releases, Web Writing, Corporate Writing, Storyboard Scripting, Research.


Trust these projects with people who have an eye for design. Our graphic designers are experts in applying their ingenuity to any web or multimedia application and are skilled programming specialists.

Graphic Design

Whether you want to print your message on paper or online across multiple devices, glsdezign can help you communicate the right image with the right images.


Printing is alive and well, at glsdezign your message is consistently printed across all media from posters to car wraps to banners.


Marketing is at the core of what glsdezign does for your branded campaign, from traditional media to online mobile devices.

Social Media

glsdezign creates digital strategies aligned across multiple outposts ensuring your digital footprint reaches your target audiences.

Our Logo

Our logo represents the ostrich egg.
The largest egg in the world – a symbol of the size of the ideas we can hatch for you.

glsdezign logo

What is with the ostrich?

This a short animation produced many years ago, continues to demonstrate the creative and humourous side of gls dezign.

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Featured Work

The featured work below is a fraction of the 2000+ projects we have completed over the last 26 years.
From small advertisements to major marketing campaigns and digital strategies the imagineers have collaborated with 400+ clients.
Our imagineers are ready to collaborate with you through the digital evolution.

Drive for 30

On June 8, 1993 glsdezign was incorporated by gregory sreblowski, the imagineer.
In 2019, on June 8 glsdezign will celebrate 26 years of digital evolution.
Our imagineers continue to evolve exponentially with changes in the digital online world from web 1.0, to web 2.0 and now web 3.0 that eventually leads to web 4.0.


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